Arduino Laboratory


It’s not the latest shoe from Italy.  But it is a cool very inexpensive Single board computer designed in Italy.  This is digital technology that everyone can afford and use for both practical and far out projects.  Come learn how everyday people are taking control of the digital revolution.  Arduino’s are used in all kinds of projects: robotics, flying things, musical instruments, movie props, Halloween decorations and anything you can dream up.  There is a large ecosystem of suppliers that can sell add-ons to make them do or react to all manner of interesting things.  The development Environment is free and simple to use.  Come to a workshop and actually build something.  Learn how to make techno cool gadgets Italian Style!


What is an Arduino?

Workshops and Other Techno Art

Explore this website to learn what you can build at an Arduino Laboratory Workshop.  OC Baycon is come soon May 23.  Hope to see you there.